Colorado native Dan Bombard is a morning person driven by measurable, collaborative success. Inspired by the process of breaking down and rebuilding complex systems, he likes to know how things work—whether performing mechanical work on his vintage car, wiring his electric guitars, or renovating his home. “Fixing things with my hands translates well into my current work,” says Dan. “It’s that deep interest in understanding, applied to soft systems and processes. Troubleshooting is key in both scenarios.” Dan was raised in Boulder and earned a B.S. in Marketing from Colorado State University, which included studying International Marketing at the Prague University of Economics and Business. Before joining FiveFifty’s Trading Team, he explored positions in social media advertising, including a role overseeing paid social media campaigns at AdTaxi Networks. He eventually reached out to a mentor to discuss his next career steps, which led to a lunch meeting with FiveFifty President Ryan Wilson.

Dan joined FiveFifty in 2014, just weeks after meeting with Ryan. For nearly eight years, he’s honed his expertise in programmatic advertising, becoming an integral leader along the way. When FiveFifty was acquired by Booyah in 2022, Dan brought his expertise to the agency as FiveFifty’s Trading Director. His daily work involves setting up, building out, executing, and optimizing programmatic advertising campaigns. He loves the changeable nature of his role, which balances fast-paced, improvisational work (critical thinking, analysis, troubleshooting) with more predictable, consistent tasks. “I enjoy the dichotomy of extremes. No day is the same as the last.” Dan also manages a close-knit group of team members who make up FiveFifty’s Trading Team. An egalitarian leader, he encourages everyone to roll up their sleeves and help, no matter how small or large a task. “I’m lucky to lead a smart, dedicated, and capable team. I’m always seeking to improve myself, so they’re proud to work with me.” Beyond work, Dan approaches his home life with the same drive and flexibility that colors his workdays: he’s a devoted husband and father, an eager learner constantly seeking to improve himself, and an avid musician.



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