Headshot of Devin Rafferty

Devin Rafferty

Senior Search Manager

Devin Rafferty is an adventurous and curious team member who is always looking for something new to learn. He graduated from the Leeds School of Business in Boulder with a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and enjoys the challenges that his work provides him. He was first exposed to agency work after an internship at a trend forecasting agency in Paris. Since then, he has enjoyed the broad range of work that an agency brings. At Booyah, Devin facilitates the work of those around him by managing client requests and new initiatives for his accounts. He enjoys the different and engaging projects that come with working on a wide variety of clients in different industries. Outside of Booyah, Devin is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending his time exploring new cities and new countries, climbing mountains, or snowboarding down them when he is not hanging outside with his cat Clyde.

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