Headshot of Emma Dell

Emma Dell

Senior Organic Manager

Some say Emma chose the world of SEO, but Emma would say it chose her. Starting as a journalism major at the University of Denver, her love of language led her to get a second B.A. in German and follow that passion all the way to Berlin. It was there that she dipped her toe into SEO while doing translation work for a marketing company, learning valuable lessons about how to translate not only between languages, but also between industries and their audiences. That road led to a copywriting role in the world of TV streaming that slowly became a chimera of its own, eventually landing her at the helm of SEO. Realizing she’d found her match, it seemed like fate when that pursuit of meaningful work led her right into the open arms of Booyah.

As an SEO expert at Booyah, Emma thrives on the challenges of local SEO optimization and takes great pride in seeing through every facet of that work for her small business clients. She loves knowing that her efforts can really make a difference for her clients and help their passion turn into long-lasting success. Her workday is fueled by cuddles from her two affectionate house panthers (who said black cats were bad luck?) and a childlike love of baked goods, which is well-complemented by her affinity for a good evening gym session. Being a born-and-raised Colorado girl, Emma loves to hike and soak up the sun year-round, though once the snow begins to fall she would much rather be fireside with a beer watching hockey.

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