Headshot of Erin Westermann

Erin Westermann

Organic Strategist

Erin Westermann is passionate about data-driven solutions and finds few things more exciting than helping clients succeed in the digital realm. This is also what initially drew her to Booyah: a culture of prioritizing people and driving results. While earning a degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication at West Texas A&M University, Erin began her career in digital marketing as an SEO content creator and research strategist.

She applies these skills daily in her role at Booyah Advertising to plan and execute organic media initiatives. Whether optimizing client websites for search engines, conducting performance analysis, or catching up on the latest Google algorithm update, Erin enjoys every aspect of SEO and is excited by the ever-changing playing field. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking around the Denver area with her pound pup, watching scary movies, and tending to her many plants.

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