Joanna Kammer

Associate Creative Director

Meet Joanna, the vibrant team member on the creative team. Originally immigrated from Poland at the age of 2, she grew up in the southwest side of Chicago. After getting an Advertising degree at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, she tackled various advertising agencies, both large and small, across Chicago, Seattle, and New York.

With a knack for dreaming big and thinking strategically, Joanna’s belief is simple: trends may come and go but big ideas are timeless. Her mission? Inject every piece of creative work with conceptual magic and storytelling charm.

Don’t expect conformity around Joanna—she likes flipping the script. Tell her that’s the way it’s always been done, and she’ll tell you to do the exact opposite.

When she’s not conjuring up advertising wonders, you’ll find her grooving at a Red Rocks concert or gliding on her paddleboard, Isabelle, across a tranquil mountain lake. At home in north Denver, she shares her life with her hubby and overly opinionated Shiba Inu.

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