Headshot of Josh Pauletic

A resourceful problem-solver with a business-minded approach to digital media, Josh Pauletic takes pride in building processes, developing people, and delivering a quality service. Both mentor and media expert, he loves organizing and implementing data as much as he loves seeing his team grow and thrive. He takes time to understand his clients, their businesses, and their goals, so he and his team can deliver on what matters most. Raised in Minnesota, Josh earned a BS in Marketing from St. Cloud State University, then a Marketing MS and an MBA from the University of Colorado, where he was recognized as the “Outstanding MBA Student” of his class. Josh has worked in the media business throughout his career, cutting his teeth on the sales side at Lamar Outdoor Advertising before moving into media planning and buying after grad school. He was an Account Manager at a traditional media agency before shifting his focus to digital at a time when programmatic was still very new. Josh was FiveFifty’s first official hire in 2014. He has worked across several functions since, growing personally as he helped scale the business, honing his expertise along the way.

Booyah acquired FiveFifty in 2022, folding Josh’s skills and expertise into the agency as FiveFifty’s Group Director, a role that includes both account services and data analytics functions. Josh manages the Account Services team, training and supervising Account Managers and Coordinators to ensure stellar service delivery. Josh also spearheads FiveFifty’s data analytics practice: As the architect of FiveFifty’s data model, he builds and maintains dashboards for both internal and external use, connecting, unifying and visualizing all of the company’s data. “Unification is a fancy way of saying that I get all the data to speak the same language. We leverage a lot of platforms in our campaigns and each data source has its own format and naming structure. I connect and then transform the data to speak the same language, so I can build omnichannel dashboards to help our team focus more time on optimization and improvement rather than data aggregation. The dashboards provide transparency to our clients with an easy-to-understand record of the work we’re doing.” Like his work, Josh’s extracurricular passions involve continuous learning: He and his wife are restoring their historic house—learning new renovation techniques along the way—and he’s an avid gardener, filling his home and yard with veggies and flowers grown from seed.

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