Headshot of Lee White

Lee White

Programmatic Trading Strategist

Originally hailing from Kansas City, MO, Lee White began life as something of a child celebrity, appearing in various local television commercials as well as an NBC miniseries. While his clout could’ve forced Lee to become out of touch with the commoners, his many deficiencies kept him quite grounded. After an abrupt ending to his brush with fame due to premature hair loss, he earned his BA in Marketing from Graceland University in rural Iowa. Incessantly yearning for the mountains every sticky/sweaty midwestern summer, he and his wife packed their belongings and hightailed it to Denver as soon as they were able.

Lee has been optimizing and strategizing in marketing since 2006; he brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to the agency. He joined Booyah in 2022—following the acquisition of FiveFifty—where he was a resident Google Guru, specializing in Paid Search, YouTube, Google Display Network, and much more. He’s most recently transitioned into a programmatic role with Booyah, pulling levers in The Trade Desk.

Hey, you got a bucket of chowdah or a wheelbarrow of burnt ends? Be expecting a visit from one of Booyah’s resident foodies. Are you a Broncos fan? A bit of neighborly trash talk from a tried-and-true Chiefs enthusiast is in your forecast. Does he sometimes iron his jeans? Yeah, nobody’s perfect.

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