When she is not seeking adventure in many forms, Lulu loves to analyze human behavior through numbers, which is how she ended up on Booyah Advertising’s analytics team. Lulu journey has been dynamic. She grew up in the greater Los Angeles area and decided to take a risk when she turned 18 to move to a state where she didn’t know anyone to pursue a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

During her time in Boulder, she switched majors a few times before deciding to study advertising which she immediately knew was the perfect fit. Lulu always knew that she wanted to do something that has the potential to reach large numbers of people to help people and digital marketing is the present and future of spreading awareness of products and services that can make people’s lives better. Following graduation, Lulu opted for the agency life, craving the thrill of the unknown and the challenge of innovation. Lulu knew that Booyah Advertising was the place she was supposed to be as soon as she learned about the company, it’s values, and the type of people who work here.

Lulu is passionate about the world of data analysis and feeling challenged. She believes that having a quantifiable measure of why people make certain choices is fascinating. Lulu believes that here is no greater feeling than finding the solution for a complex problem as well as fostering connection through the power of marketing.

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