Headshot of Marie Concilus

Marie Concilus

Senior Digital Media Manager

Marie Concilus is a curious, driven member of the Paid Media Team at Booyah. Marie earned a B.S. in Graphic Communication Design from the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program. During her time there she completed five full-time internships, working for organizations such as Christie’s Auction House, Google, Netflix, Uber, and Gap. After graduating in 2019, Marie accepted a Digital Marketing position Florence, Italy. There, she learned the ropes of Social Media Advertising, the realities of working internationally, and mediocre Italian. Marie also managed a team of more than 20 employees, exhibiting her dedication to people and love for leadership.

Now, an energetic member of Booyah’s Beauty Team, Marie is exhilarated by the fast-paced environment and views the skills she is learning as “a powerful, secret language with the potential to change the world”. She runs digital ads across social platforms and harnesses her design background by providing invaluable creative insight and obsessively color-coding every document that comes her way. Outside of work, Marie continues to prioritize her passion travel, visiting friends around the country – and the world! She also donates her time to Planned Parenthood, where she volunteers as a clinic escort and advocate.

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