Headshot of Niamh Healy

Niamh started at Booyah as an Account Coordinator directly after graduating from The University of Denver in 2022. As an undergraduate, Niamh studied Marketing and Finance at the Daniels College of Business and ultimately found her passion for the intersection of data and creativity as she pursued the advertising industry. After her first interview at Booyah, Niamh knew this company was the right fit for her. Niamh moved from Massachusetts to Colorado a few years prior and fell in love with everything Denver has to offer: the outdoorsy culture, music scene, and friendly people.

Now in the digital advertising space, Niamh enjoys the art of storytelling to her clients through the articulation of visualized data. As a detail-oriented and visual learner, Niamh understands the importance of presenting information in a clear and appealing way. In her free time, you can find Niamh practicing yoga at local studios in Denver, camping in the mountains, or attending live shows by local bands in the area.

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