Headshot of Tyler Corcoran

Tyler Corcoran

Senior Data Analyst

Tyler Corcoran is a highly motivated analytical thinker who enjoys spending his days solving the agency’s complex data issues. Tyler earned a B.A. in Economics from Connecticut College and previously held posts as a lacrosse coach and Booyah Account Coordinator; his experiences in these roles instilled in him the hard work and leadership qualities he uses daily at Booyah. Now a Senior Data Analyst, Tyler’s role is ever-changing; he spends his time training employees new and old on data flow and visualization software while also handling the agency’s most complex data management problems.

Thriving on the complex and finding joy in solving problems, Tyler approaches every question he’s asked with an open mind. A true team player, he equips his colleagues with the analytical tools they need to overcome complicated challenges. Booyah has been a conduit for Tyler and his love of data, which he’s grateful for daily. Outside of Booyah, Tyler enjoys exploring all that Colorado has to offer, hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

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