Headshot of Victoria McGinnis

Victoria McGinnis

Digital Media Strategist

Originally from Los Angeles, Victoria found herself in Boulder, Colorado for college where she fell in love with the state. After graduating from CU Boulder with a B.S. in Advertising and Communication, Victoria began her career as an Assistant Media Planner at a local agency working across multiple verticals, executing TV, digital, and social media plans. In 2020, Victoria found her way to Booyah where she eagerly continues learning about the ever-changing media landscape.

Now a Senior Digital Media Manager, Victoria works on multiple clients managing digital and social media campaign performances at Booyah. Victoria finds joy seeking out new audiences and targeting opportunities to offer the best results for her clients. She is an avid learner who enjoys pushing boundaries and testing the various opportunities media offers. When not geeking out on media, Victoria spends time between the mountains of Colorado and the beaches of California with her family and friends, always in the kitchen cooking or baking.

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