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Who you work with matters. A lot. And we think we got it right. Booyah attracts a certain kind of person. We’re friendly. We care about the work we do. And we’re proud to have our names attached to the results. We appreciate the value of technology but find that people are usually the source of our success. We treat the whole world like a small town, and we’ll always welcome you in as a client, employee, or industry partner.

Executive Leadership

Headshot of Troy Lerner

Troy Lerner

Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Dan Gallagher

Dan Gallagher

Chief Strategy Officer
Headshot of Katie Holdsworth

Katie Holdsworth

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Kristopher Knight

Kristopher Knight

Chief Financial Officer


Headshot of Natasha Anker

Natasha Anker

Headshot of Christine Aultz

Christine Aultz

Account Director
Headshot of Carly Berman

Carly Berman

Headshot of Jamil Bhuiyan

Jamil Bhuiyan

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Emily Blomquist

Emily Blomquist

Senior Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Keegan Brady

Keegan Brady

Headshot of Aaron Bronson

Aaron Bronson

Creative Director
Headshot of Nick Capocelli

Nick Capocelli

Senior Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Brooke Carrick

Brooke Carrick

Accounting Manager
Headshot of Kara Cascio-Mariana

Kara Cascio-Mariana

Account Director
Headshot of Colin Cavanaugh

Colin Cavanaugh

Account Manager
Headshot of Marie Concilus

Marie Concilus

Headshot of Tyler Corcoran

Tyler Corcoran

Senior Data Analyst
Headshot of Aubree Cross

Aubree Cross

VP of Marketing
Headshot of Lauren Davis

Lauren Davis

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Zack Davisson

Zack Davisson

Senior Content Marketing Manager
Headshot of Mariena Dearman

Mariena Dearman

SEO Supervisor
Headshot of Emma Dell

Emma Dell

SEO Manager
Headshot of Haley DeParde

Haley DeParde

Account Director
Headshot of Julia Dukes

Julia Dukes

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Cailin Fisher

Cailin Fisher

Vice President
Headshot of Kylie Fogo

Kylie Fogo

Headshot of Lynn Fowler

Lynn Fowler

VP of Search
Headshot of Jack Garcia

Jack Garcia

Senior Marketplace Manager
Headshot of Elliot Glass

Elliot Glass

Content Marketing Strategist
Headshot of Kyle Goodwin

Kyle Goodwin

Senior Digital Designer
Headshot of Savanna Greeley

Savanna Greeley

Media Planner
Headshot of Pilar Grimes

Pilar Grimes

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Sami Heffernan

Sami Heffernan

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Lauren Hojan

Lauren Hojan

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Jeremy Holcomb

Jeremy Holcomb

Senior Account Manager
Headshot of John Holland

John Holland

Group Director
Headshot of Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson

Headshot of Kathleen Diehl

Kathleen Kennard

Search Supervisor
Headshot of Drew Kleppe

Drew Kleppe

Account Director
Headshot of Kaity Klonowski

Kaity Klonowski

Senior Account Manager
Headshot of Avery Langhoff

Avery Langhoff

Search Manager
Headshot of Jasmine Larsen

Jasmine Larsen

Headshot of Taylor Leis

Taylor Leis

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Quinny Li

Quinny Li

Director of Analytics
Headshot of Victoria McGinnis

Victoria McGinnis

Digital Media Strategist
Headshot of Madison Meagher

Madison Meagher

Senior Digital Media Strategist
Headshot of Katie Middel

Katie Middel

Creative Project Manager
Headshot of Annie Miller

Annie Miller

Account Manager
Headshot of Kate Miller

Kate Miller

Search Strategist
Headshot of Peyton Miller

Peyton Miller

Headshot of Kevin Moss

Kevin Moss

Senior Search Strategist
Headshot of Bailey Mulherin

Bailey Mulherin

VP of Media
Headshot of Ellie Munoz

Ellie Muñoz

Media Supervisor
Headshot of Alex Namatevs

Alex Namatevs

Vice President
Headshot of Tana Noble

Tana Noble

Search Strategist
Headshot of Marie Northrup

Marie Northrup

Account Director
Headshot of Jenny O'Brien

Jenny O’Brien

Associate Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Candice Oliver

Candice Oliver

Business Development Manager
Headshot of Charl Oosthuizen

Charl Oosthuizen

Senior Director
Headshot of Leah Perkins

Leah Perkins

Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Devin Rafferty

Devin Rafferty

Associate Search Manager
Headshot of Kourtney Reeves

Kourtney Reeves

Associate Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Ryan Reichl

Ryan Reichl

SEO Manager
Headshot of Natalie Reider

Natalie Reider

Associate Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Jade Reiman

Jade Reiman

Headshot of Lindsay Rinner

Lindsay Rinner

Media Supervisor
Headshot of Mike Rueb

Mike Rueb

Account Manager
Headshot of Caleb Steber

Caleb Steber

Business Development Manager
Headshot of Crystal Stewart

Crystal Stewart

Vice President
Headshot of Kevin Tancredi

Kevin Tancredi

Media Supervisor
Headshot of Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson

Director of Marketplace Services
Headshot of Meagan Traver

Meagan Traver

Senior Digital Media Manager
Headshot of Jenna Tully

Jenna Tully

Director of People
Headshot of DeAndre Upshaw

DeAndré Upshaw

Senior Video Strategist
Headshot of Sara Warden

Sara Warden

Digital Media Strategist
Headshot of Jane Weggenmann

Jane Weggenmann

Digital Media Strategist
Headshot of Erin Westermann

Erin Westermann

Associate SEO Manager
Headshot of Tanner Wetzel

Tanner Wetzel

Senior Coordinator
Headshot of Katilin Williams

Kaitlin Williams

Senior Director
Headshot of Jacob Wolfe

Jacob Wolfe

Headshot of McKenna Woodvine

McKenna Woodvine

Search Strategist
Headshot of Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright

Marketplace Strategist
Headshot of Sara Young

Sara Young

Account Director
Headshot of Katie Zapp

Katie Zapp

Staff Accountant

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