Headshot of Alex Namatevs

Drawn to the advertising industry’s blend of creative thinking and analytical skill, Michigan native Alex Namatevs earned a B.A. in Marketing from Michigan State before landing her first job as assistant media planner at a creative agency in Detroit. Her career evolved through various roles in advertising and media planning before joining Booyah in 2017. As a Vice President at Booyah, Alex leads a team of media experts in creating and maintaining strategic partnerships with a range of successful beauty brands. Alex’s team has developed a deep knowledge of the beauty space, the beauty consumer, the competition, and relationships with retailers. Because of this precise focus, Alex’s work requires both hyper-specific knowledge as well as the ability to make connections across multiple projects and timelines. A thoughtful and research-oriented leader, she takes special interest in the growth and development of those around her. In her time at Booyah, she’s helped the company scale its current book of business, and has contributed to Booyah’s reputation as a premier agency partner for beauty brands.  Even outside work, Alex’s interests remain focused: “I’m a beauty junkie. My work creeps into my personal life: I stay on top of trends in fashion, decor, beauty, etc., and those interests ultimately appear in my work.”

In addition to finding fulfillment in building genuine relationships with clients, Alex’s favorite part of the job is the constant opportunity to innovate. From client collaboration sessions evaluating strategy to examining performance for future planning, Alex excels in mining data to push the envelope for her clients, always asking: “How can we use what we know in a new way?” With creativity and expertise, she develops sophisticated strategies to meet brands’ business goals, drive forward momentum, and keep her clients at the forefront of the industry.

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