Ashley Clausen is a bright, engaged team member who thrives in the constantly changing world of media planning. After earning a B.A. in Marketing from Ohio State University, Ashley worked as a freight broker and account manager at third-party logistics firms in Chicago and Denver, where she learned first-hand how timing and persistence affect decision-making. Successful but unsatisfied with the regularity of daily tasks, she sought a more exciting career and fell in love with Booyah in her first interview.

Now a Booyah Media Planner, charged with determining the best media to meet client needs, Ashley is motivated by the variety of tasks her work entails. “One day I’m developing a media plan and the next I’m vetting new partners or diving into industry research!” Ashley brings laughter and optimism to her work, reflecting Booyah’s emphasis on growing together as a team: “There’s no reason to be ashamed of what you don’t know. Raise your hand and be willing to learn something new.” Outside of work, Ashley and her husband spend their weekends with the toolbox, renovating their home.