Bridget Burnham

Media Supervisor

With a passion for connecting with people, Bridget Burnham has always been drawn to the world of advertising. It was while majoring in Business Marketing at Colorado State University that she became fascinated by the power of data in building relationships with consumers. This fascination ultimately drew her to Booyah, where she now works on an account team as a Media Supervisor. In her role, Bridget guides clients in reaching their unique customers through innovative display and social strategies founded on research and analytics. One of her favorite things about Booyah is working with clients of all shapes and sizes, which keeps her days interesting and rewarding.

Bridget is a friendly face around the office who can often be found talking with colleagues about emerging technologies, new media strategies, and episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy.” She’s a firm believer in the power of the team, so she’ll often be caught making cheery-and-cheesy comments like, “Teamwork makes the dream work!” When she’s not working with clients to effectively engage their customers, Bridget enjoys hanging around a Denver park or escaping to the mountains to snowboard. 

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