Headshot of Brooke Carrick

Brooke Carrick

Senior Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager Brooke Carrick loves being a member of the team that oversees and creates internal processes for the agency, and her passion for tracking down discrepancies and finding ways to maximize budgets is put to regular use at Booyah. Always tackling new challenges, Brooke spends her days nimbly switching between the different facets of her role: “One minute I’m diving into a GL account and the next I’m answering a 401k question, all while being on the phone with a customer — I love it!” She enjoys collaborating with Booyah’s other teams to learn how internal processes are working for them and how she can make them more efficient.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Brooke continues to grow her accounting acumen by pursuing her Master’s in Accounting. While not in the office or attending classes, she enjoys discovering all the cities and national parks Colorado has to offer with her husband and two pups.

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