Headshot of Charl Oosthuizen

Charl Oosthuizen

Senior Director

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Booyah Senior Director Charl Oosthuizen takes pride in building genuine, human relationships with his clients as well as his coworkers. His experiences traveling the world and working with a wide range of people have made him an effective and relatable leader, able to connect with people of all levels of experience and from diverse backgrounds. Part of that connection is built on the knowledge that he always has the best interest of others in mind, from his clients’ long-term goals to his employees’ day-to-day needs. When he’s not directing the team, leading strategy meetings, or working with clients, he can be found spending quality time with his wife and 3 daughters, snowboarding, cooking, or woodworking.

Charl earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cape Town, where he studied Information Systems, before entering the workforce and eventually making his way to Denver. He joined Booyah in 2007 and worked his way to his current position of Senior Director, leading a team of paid media specialists who work together to service a book of business. His main roles involve building relationships with clients, collaborating with team members, and leading the team in strategy and planning. One of his favorite parts of the job is watching his team take on new challenges and succeed. “Each client brings their own set of unique challenges, specific to their brand and their goals, and I love being able to deliver results. It’s fun watching our strategy drive their business.” As a Senior Director, Charl’s hyper-aware of the link between client success and the success of Booyah as a whole, and honors that link in every decision he makes: “What we do to grow our business also grows client business and vice-versa. It’s a partnership, always.”

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