Headshot of Crystal Stewart

Crystal Stewart

VP of Business Development

Originally from Missouri, Crystal Stewart is driven by a passion for health and a deep love of nature. She excels in her work with travel, outdoor, health and wellness, and sustainability-focused brands, acknowledging the power of shared purpose in a partnership. “There’s strong personal motivation driving my work with sustainable and health-focused brands— our goals are aligned.” She believes in exploring the world, encountering nature, eating well, and practicing good habits. After earning B.S. degrees in both Marketing and Design Arts, Crystal worked as an account director at MMGY Global before being recruited in 2011 to lead a media team and then business development at Booyah. Now a Vice President at the company, Crystal sees her current role as a combination of a marketing mentor and problem-solver. She spends a lot of her time listening to prospective clients explain their unique needs and working with her team to design customized plans to meet those needs. She’s someone who takes a genuine, personal interest in the well-being of her team and in the success of every client. One of her favorite parts of the job is bringing on a new client and watching their business change in response to her team’s work. Inspired by Troy’s leadership, she’s aligned with the encouraging spirit that informs Booyah’s culture: “He recognizes strengths in others and helps to build on them. He puts people first.” Likewise, Crystal is inspired by stories of inclusivity and support, moments when people from different backgrounds come together for a greater good.

True to herself, even Crystal’s free time relates back to her underlying values. Considering future partnerships in the tourism, outdoor, and health space (while fulfilling a life-long dream), she’s starting a treehouse business at Beaver Lake in the Ozarks. “My vision is to give others access to nature and a quiet place to reflect on what’s most important in life, all while continuing to build upon a portfolio of clients that matches our values.”

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