Most often found with a new book in hand, Evyn is in constant pursuit of learning something new. After graduating from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, Evyn took the leap and moved to Denver looking for a change of pace – she found it! Seeking to learn more on the scope of digital media, she quickly found opportunities to both teach and learn while finding her place at Booyah. As a Media Planner, Evyn’s days are spent immersed in the world of prestige beauty, social platforms, and client success, not to mention growing her own skincare regimens with the latest products and routines (hello, shelfie). A key player in her clients’ success, she’s always working find solutions that reach client goals. Evyn and her team stay motivated by balancing their diligent campaign management with a whole lot of fun. When she’s not making and crossing off her to-do list, you can find Evyn enjoying a nice glass of red wine, snuggling with her dog, or routinely wandering the isles at Target.