Headshot of Haley DeParde

As an Account Director at Booyah, Haley leverages dedication and years of experience working in diverse verticals to help advertisers develop media strategies that address their unique brand needs and nuances. After a compelling summer internship at Bully Pulpit Interactive — a D.C.-based communications agency founded out of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign — Haley sought a career opportunity that would focus on the ecommerce side of digital media while allowing her to pursue her personal passion of outdoor adventure.

After graduating summa cum laude from St. Lawrence University with a degree in creative writing, Haley launched her career search, ultimately knocking on Booyah’s door in 2017. When she first started at Booyah, Haley’s peers thought she was quiet and reserved, but quickly came to find that Haley will always speak up to share a new perspective, stand up for others, or challenge the status quo. “I do my best work when I’m pushed outside my comfort zone,” Haley shared, “whether that be solving a complex client problem or climbing a cliff face; when things get hard, I find my shine.”

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