Headshot of John Holland

A Colorado local and lover of live music, John Holland is the type of leader who prioritizes the success of those around him. He finds fulfillment in the teaching and mentorship aspects of his role at Booyah, watching others come into their own and apply what they’ve learned to move forward in their careers. He focuses on driving and encouraging his team: “I love seeing my team succeed. Whether solving a minor dilemma or earning a promotion they deserve, their success is my success.”  With a careful and consistent nature, John finds peace in the process of preparation, approaching tasks relaxed and ready to go.

A Colorado State alumni, John began his career in the music industry, where he first developed an interest in digital advertising. Inspired by the challenges of paid search, he progressed through several agencies in Denver and Boulder before finding a home at Booyah in 2014. Now a Senior Director and part of Booyah’s leadership team, John works to maximize bandwidth and keep clients satisfied. His days involve reacting and responding to team needs, seeking new opportunities, leading meetings, and managing efficiency.  He’s always ready to offer guidance and brainstorm solutions with his team. He also spends time digging into areas where the team can grow more efficient, evaluating progress and looking for areas that can be improved. He’s proud of how Booyah has weathered crucial challenges like the economic tribulations of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, and hopes to scale his current team into a full-fledged department with several core services teams, grouped either by vertical, channel or spend level. “We not only get through a tough time: we thrive. We know how to be efficient while being effective. The next step is to scale it.”

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