Kaitlin Williams

Vice President

California native Kaitlin Williams graduated from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in Business Administration, a minor in Public Relations, and concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Leadership. By graduation, she’d landed a position at Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing), kickstarting a career in advertising that continues to satisfy and engage her. She worked as a Paid Search Account Manager at Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group in Seattle before moving to Denver in 2015 with her husband, a Denver native, and finding her way to Booyah. Kaitlin’s hyper-organized, meticulous attention to detail helps her thrive in her current work as a Senior Director at Booyah: “I’m responsible for delivering thoughtful client presentations and directing an efficient team of experts. All these moving pieces require extreme organization. Nothing slips through the cracks.” Primarily focused on the Financial Services industry in past years, working with clients that include Discover Card and Western Union, Kaitlin’s expertise has also expanded to include Travel and Tourism.

As a Vice President, Kaitlin is a pro client liaison and wrangler of both people and ideas. She excels in reworking a project’s boundaries and scope to ensure a successful client partnership. In addition to sitting on Booyah’s Leadership Team, she directs her own team of supervisor, mid-level, and entry-level support for search, social, and display. Kaitlin takes pride in her team’s ability to share honest critique of each other’s work, a reflection of the trust among team members: “We operate by giving direct, in-the-moment feedback.” She gets a thrill from tackling difficult work, collaborating with the sophisticated enterprise clients, and has developed a reputation for “running toward the house on fire” to quickly put it out. Daily exercise plays a crucial role in her success, helping her stay calm, cool, and collected in high-pressure situations. When she’s not working, Kaitlin’s running, golfing, hiking, or otherwise staying active.

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