Kate Miller

Associate Search Manager

Kate Miller attended Colorado State University and graduated in 2016 with two majors – Business Administration and English. After a brief stint in the logistics sector, she turned her professional attention to digital advertising and joined Booyah as an Account Coordinator. Now an Associate Search Manager, Kate works with her cross-channel team to provide a 360-degree approach to their clients’ media strategy and management. Specializing in PPC, Kate manages Google and Microsoft Advertising accounts for a variety of clients in the travel, education, and hospitality spaces.

Proud to be a Booyah employee, Kate practices the value of “Be Grateful to Teach & Learn” both within and outside her professional life. She proselytizes the wonders of the Google & Bing Editor tools to her coworkers and is currently working to expand her knowledge of the paid social channel. Outside the office, Kate is active in the houseplant community: selling and trading with other local enthusiasts and attending Colorado botanical events and seminars. When not at her desk or in a greenhouse, Kate can be found exploring the Colorado Rockies with her dog Havana.