Melissa McKay

Director of Media

Originally from Minooka, IL, Melissa McKay always knew she wanted to work in marketing, because the field appealed to both her creative and mathematical sides. After earning a B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications in 2010, Melissa took a job at an agency that allowed her to flex her varied skills, and from there developed a career in advertising that continues to satisfy and challenge her daily. She worked as a coordinator and supervisor at Starcom in Chicago and Ideas Made Measurable in Boulder before joining Booyah in 2015. Melissa approaches her work with the same involvement and attention that she extends to friends. “Caring means staying up-to-date, staying involved, and focusing your attention. That goes for people and projects.” Now Booyah’s Director of Display, Melissa’s work involves a balancing act of creative and analytical thinking: imagining a new approach and then testing, measuring, and refining that approach. “Finding that right mix of ads for our clients is never a one-size-fits-all thing.”

No day is the same for Melissa. As a Channel Director, her tasks revolve around the constantly changing needs of the business and the industry. Luckily, she thrives in this dynamic environment, always ready to assess her methods or invent new ones in response to a situation. She participates in hiring new employees, developing curriculum, organizing roundtables, and team training. Melissa values communication and curiosity as tools for problem-solving, and her expertise lies in her analytical understanding of the technology that feeds the company’s ecosystem. She challenges others to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, so Booyah’s clients are equipped to be true pioneers in the space. She’s always learning (studying best practices, keeping abreast of shifting trends, staying updated on industry partners, researching new tools), and finding ways to share that knowledge with others— an educational spirit aligned with the agency’s culture: “I’ve learned more in my time at Booyah than I have in the same amount of time anywhere else. There’s a close-knit, family feel here. We’re all different, but we share values and learn from each other.”