Molly Trevor

Senior Media Planner

A calming presence with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, Molly Trevor believes in figuring out whatever she doesn’t know (yet). Molly earned a degree in Marketing and Business Analytics from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, interned at Alliant Credit Union and Sling TV, and began her career as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Sling TV, where she managed the affiliate marketing program as well as a multi-million-dollar budget with the in-house Facebook media team. Now a Senior Media Planner at Booyah, Molly is an expert at efficiently activating clients’ investments. She runs digital ads across social platforms as part of an almost-all-female powerhouse team focused specifically on beauty clients. “It’s motivating to be surrounded by so many other women excelling in the world of digital advertising.”

Molly loves the creative and collaborative aspects of her work, both teaching and learning from those around her. She’s inspired by the spread of local and national social activism through Black Lives Matter and similar movements, especially when young people take the lead and encourage support beyond donations and words. When she’s not working, Molly is exploring the mountains.