Travis Tallent

Director of Organic Media

Travis Tallent’s work requires a mix of people-driven leadership, communication, and technical skill. When Booyah wanted to scale Organic Marketing, they searched Denver talent high and low and found Travis. Now, as Booyah’s Director of Organic Media, Travis leads the organic channel at the agency including SEO, Content Marketing, and Organic Social. He sees his position as a combination of “website hypeman” and “wizard of aha moments.” Working across the agency’s account teams, Travis loves cultivating relationships with clients, tackling business development for prospective clients, planning project scope, growing and training his team, understanding the integration of organic with paid channels, and developing SEO and content marketing strategy.

A Colorado native, Travis earned B.A.s in Political Science and Economics (with distinction and honors) from the University of Colorado Boulder before jumping into the early Boulder startup scene, leading a team building a scholarship search engine. In the process, he learned aspects of digital marketing that still inform his work today — how search engines work and how to think big, act small, and prioritize tasks into a scalable workflow. Before joining Booyah, he was Associate Director of SMB at Wpromote.

Travis is a generalist with a knack for breaking down complex information to benefit others. He values transparency, integrity, and boldness. Meditation practice has taught him to navigate challenges with a cool head and to notice the small details that can have a long-term impact. When he’s not working, he’s team-playing: saxophone in the community symphonic band, softball or dodgeball on local intramural leagues. Travis continues to work to become an outspoken thought leader in the industry to promote transparency in digital marketing, better user experience, and better access in the tech world for marginalized groups such as LGBTQ+, BIPOC, low-income, and those with a history of restricted access.

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