Search Strategist



Lodz, Poland

Gosia Pawlak

I joined Booyah back in August of 2015 as a Paid Search Account Manager and have worked in digital marketing for five years now. I enjoy working with smart people (that’s Booyah!) and staying on the cutting edge of the industry while delivering solid results for my clients. Prior to moving and working in Colorado, I lived in New York (where I once made my friends stay up with me all night just to see sunrise on the Brooklyn bridge), D.C. and Sydney. My hometown is Lodz, Poland and I love traveling and exploring—I’m always planning my next adventures.

Favorite thing to do in Denver: Ski and hike in the mountains; go to Red Rocks; watch movies at the Mayan; brunch with friends

Best Denver restaurant / watering hole? Potager, Table 6

Most proud moment at Booyah? Fireball shot at 10 a.m., of course.

If you were handed a roundtrip ticket, where would you go? South Africa.

Best gift you’ve ever given? Playstation 4 to a 33 year-old….’nough said.