Senior Search Manager



Grand Rapids, MI

Hannah Chandler

I am originally from Grand Rapids, MI and moved out to Colorado to become a buff at CU. I started working as an associate coordinator at Booyah shortly after I graduated! Outside of work, you will most likely find me exploring the many things to do in Denver (especially scoping out great places for happy hour), or up in the mountains hiking or skiing!

If you could sub “Booyah” with another word, to describe this place, what would it be? Chill AF

Best Denver restaurant / watering hole? Uncle – best ramen you will ever eat

Most unforgettable concert experience? Seeing Queen B (Beyonce). Hands down best 2 hours of my life

Most proud moment at Booyah? Getting to work for Booyah!

Give me one more thing/fun fact: I am also a citizen of Ireland and can do the Rubik’s Cube in under 2 mins