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Millbury, MA

Hunter Jones-Volpi

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts where my family all lived on the same street 4 generations deep (and growing). I’m absolutely obsessed with dogs – I have two named Larry & Patton, I also have two South American chipmunks named Jeff & Geoff. I grew up racing cars, then moved to managing the football team in high school (4 players from my team are in the NFL now!). I believe those two sports helped find the drive within myself to always challenge yourself, and digital advertising is a different challenge every day!

Favorite thing to do in Denver?
Pet every dog I see – there are a lot of dogs here.

Best Denver restaurant / watering hole?
T-Street Roadhouse – the brussels sprouts are

It’s Saturday at 2 pm…what are you doing?
Warm Months: I’m at the racetrack or taking my dogs for a hike.
Cold Months: Napping, and trying to get my dogs to nap with me.

If you were handed a roundtrip ticket, where would you go?
The Maldives!

Website you’d most likely get busted looking at while at work?

Most unforgettable concert experience?
I’ve actually never been to a concert.

Best gift you’ve ever given?
I gave my mom an iPad which started her Candy Crush addiction… at least it gets used a lot!

Best gift you’ve ever received?
When I was 6, Santa brought me my first go-kart, which propelled into a semi-professional racing career until I was 13.

Most embarrassing moment?
When people call me Heather, and then its awkward because then it’s like no its Hunter, and then they get confused that a girl is named Hunter, and then they tell me their friend’s dog is named Hunter, or they know a boy named Hunter. I get it though.

What would your last meal be?
Lava Cake!!! Specifically from Chili’s if we’re being precise.

If you were a hoarder, what would you hoard?
If? I hoard candles. Every store I go into I have to sniff them, and then buy at least 3.

Give me one more thing/fun fact:
When my parents were picking names for me the options were Piper, Nova, Hunter, or Peace Frog (they tell me this one was a joke).