Account Director



Woodland, CA

Kaitlin Williams

I made my way to Booyah by way of Seattle in August 2015. I am originally from California, but went to college in Spokane, Washington at Gonzaga (Go Zags!). I’m obsessed with Golden Doodles and am highly considering bringing one home to my unsuspecting fiancé. I firmly believe in the saying ‘rose all day’ and try to drink it every weekend during the gorgeous Denver summers.

Favorite experience at Booyah: Trips to Chicago

Best Denver restaurant / watering hole? Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey

Funniest thing that’s gone down at Booyah since you started working here? MIKE RESEARCHING A KEYWORD EXPANSION FOR ‘SURVEY LENS’. THE CLIENT WAS ASKING FOR SURVEILLANCE KEYWORDS.

What would you’d most likely get busted looking at while at work? THEKNOT.COM (I’M DEEP IN WEDDING PLANNING)

Most embarrassing moment? Thinking that there was a glitch with DoubleClick when I saw Nicolas Cage faces all over my DoubleClick and emailing our rep freaking out. Turns out Mike pranked me.