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Geneva, IL

Kara Clark

I grew up in the burbs of Chicago and decided to move to Denver after graduating from Northern Illinois University in May 2017. Shout out to Mike for being kick a** and helping me find my way to Booyah. I am a diehard Cubs fan and have been since before they were cool. When I am not at work I love binge watching TV, drinking cheap wine and blasting country music at home until my boyfriend goes crazy.

Favorite thing to do in Denver:

It’s Saturday at 2 pm… what are you doing?
Still sleeping because I love sleeping.

Best gift you’ve ever recieved?
My son Logan… Logan is a cat.

Most embarrassing moment?
One time when I was interning in Chicago, I was walking to work from the L and I was running late and walking at a fast pace. I walked five blocks and got tall the way to my cubicle on the 7th floor until someone told me that my dress slip was hiked up in the back. Glad I mooned 5 blocks of Chicago.

If you got arrested, what would it be for?
Probably getting rowdy at a Taco Bell at 3AM

If you were a hoarder, what would you hoard?
Planners and pens. I’m obsessed with thinking I am the Martha Stewart of planning and have to buy colorful pens whenever I go to Target.

One more thing:
I am obsessed with pickles. Buy me pickles and I’ll love you forever.