Director of Search



Denver, CO

Lynn Fowler

My life could have been very different: I used to be a badass tenor saxophonist and almost went to college for music instead of mathematics. But I went for math and, after receiving my degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Booyah hired me as a Digital Media Coordinator. I quickly learned the art and science behind Paid Search management and now, five years later, I’m happy to be a part of Booyah’s leadership team as the Paid Search Supervisor. My responsibilities include working with paid search team members and focusing on their development and career growth. I really enjoy the fun, social and challenging Booyah environment.

If you could sub “Booyah” with another word to describe this place, what would it be? Badass

Funniest thing that’s gone down at Booyah since you started working here? The entire Booyah Christmas 2014 Party.

If you were handed a roundtrip ticket, where would you go? Vancouver is next on my list of many places.

Website you’d most likely get busted looking at while at work? Buzzfeed.

If you were a hoarder, what would you hoard? I’d rather die than be a hoarder.