Senior Media Supervisor




Piper Person

I got a mom, a dad and a sister. There’s Donnie, we found him. And Darwin, he found us. About our house, it moves! Because we travel all over the world. You see my dad holds his nature show. And…my mom shoots it. Okay so we’re not that average….. But between you and me, something amazing happened. And now I can talk to animals! It’s pretty cool and totally secret. And you know what? Life will never be the same! (Well, that, and I also modeled JanSport backpacks as a child.)

Funniest thing that’s gone down at Booyah since you started working here? While sharing a mid-afternoon beef jerky snack, my boss and I came across a strikingly turd-like-looking piece of jerky. We decided to plant it in a high traffic desk area and then walk by *as if we were walking to the printer,* and casually call out that there’s a giant turd on the ground and proceed to bet him to eat the “turd” for $100. Everyone rolled their eyes. As if anyone would eat the turd for only $100. Just as we had concocted in our juvenile plan, he picked it up, gave it a brief inspection and ate it. People were paralyzed in shock, disbelief and disgust at the fact that an account director at Booyah would eat a piece of poop for $100. GOOD TIMES.

Best gift you’ve ever given? Customized condoms with the recipient’s mother’s face printed on them.

Best gift you’ve ever received? A signed and framed Bob Saget poster.

What would your last meal be? Oysters, chocolate fondue and Pop Rocks.

If you were a hoarder, what would you hoard? Retro aspen ski apparel.