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Dirty Jersey

Sam Ross

One rainy commute from Jersey to Manhattan, walking from the subway to the office, I nearly started a fight with a man whose umbrella I thought was too big. It was too big, but then and there I knew I had to leave the east coast. After transferring to Colorado I found my way to Booyah!

In my spare time I study historical fencing. Like in Game of Thrones… but historically accurate. Really it’s a bunch of adults smacking each other with blunt weapons but we’re serious about it. None of that “thee” and “thou” nonsense.

Favorite experience at Booyah:
Pedicures with the client on my 5th day of work

It’s Saturday at 2 pm…what are you doing?
Going to HomeDepot to fix something I broke last weekend

Website you’d most likely get busted looking at while at work?

If you got arrested, what would it be for?
Brandishing a sword in public.

Give me one more thing/fun fact:
I love hot sauce and put it on almost everything. I once pitched the idea for a show called Sam vs. Spice to a company I worked for who creates health and lifestyle videos. The idea was basically a knock off of Man vs. Food. The problem was, I have a lot less composure than Adam Richman; when I eat spicy food, my nose runs uncontrollably, my eyes tear up, my leg shakes and for whatever reason I have the strongest compulsion to pull on my left ear. Well anyway, we filmed the pilot and I completed the challenge, but the raw footage was never edited. I guess it was too disgusting to watch.