August 17, 2018

Black Hawk, CO

August 17, 2018. Black Hawk, CO

How do the world’s top brands engage their audiences and drive long-term success in this new era of digital advertising? What emerging trends, leading-edge technologies and global best-practices are they leveraging to generate exponential returns on their investments? We’re glad you asked.

Join Booyah Advertising and a remarkable roster of leading brands, influencers, thought leaders, audience engagers, and digital specialists in a unique, not-to-be-missed information sharing summit.


Back by popular demand, this year’s exclusive Booyah Summit will focus on how to harness the power of insightful digital advertising campaigns in the Travel and Retail sectors, through the data-driven lenses of social media, search, video and Amazon.

Top Trends in Travel

Experiences are the new luxury, and every corner of the world offers something unique. Reaching your audience with a compelling picture of your corner is the name of the game. Hear how top destinations turn first-time visitors into loyal guests that return year after year.

Relevance in Retail

The landscape in consumer retail changes faster than a fashion house changes its collections, and with that change comes fresh opportunity. Learn how digital advertising can help you build brand awareness, drive meaningful audience engagement, and grow your overall marketshare.


10:30 – 10:45

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Summit Ballroom
10:45 – 11:20

Facebook Opening Keynote

Summit Ballroom
11:30 – 12:00

3 Keys to Unlocking the Black Box of Amazon

Summit Ballroom

This session will equip brands at any stage to ‘unlock’ the mysteries of being successful on Amazon by giving them the knowledge needed to assess the platform(s), get started (or restarted) on Amazon, and set a roadmap for achieving their goals on this critical e-commerce channel.

Becoming the Brand of Choice for the High Value Traveller through YouTube


Even back in 2012, 96% of travelers started their travel planning journey with the internet. Travelers are still using internet the majority of the time when looking to book a new destination or experience-but in much more depth. In this day and age it is important to understand the traveler journey and deliver automated, connected, and personalized experiences at scale. Learn how YouTube provides more opportunities than ever for marketers to meet traveler intent and expectations by inspiring demand and driving growth.

Facebook: B2C

12:10 – 12:40

Started in the Circus Now We Here

Summit Ballroom

Being a one-trick pony can only get you so far. You can be great at one thing and achieve success, but it’s the evolution of skill and the adherence to sometimes unlikely paths that breed longevity. Olga Kay turned her circus career into social media fame; social fame helped her found an emerging retail brand. In this session, she discusses her entrepreneurial journey and the importance of embracing divergent paths.

Break Free of Silos – Partner Up for Visitor (and Revenue) Growth


Tourism businesses can get so focused on their own brand and marketing campaigns that they often find themselves working at cross-purposes to their respective DMO. Combining budgets, campaign tactics and shared KPIs can open up opportunities, drive visitation and increase efficiency for everyone. Breaking down those silos and working as integrated partners makes great sense in a noisy and competitive marketing landscape.  For the past 3 seasons, Travel Alberta, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, and SkiBig3 have combined forces to build out a fully integrated marketing campaign with the goal to increase skier visitation to the Canadian Rockies. With representatives from each organization, this panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges faced and provide insight into ways businesses & DMO partners can leverage their combined efforts for bigger wins.

Retail Online to Offline: Holiday Tips


There has been an 85% growth in mobile searches for ‘where to shop’ and ‘where to buy’ over the last 2 years. The goal of online-to-offline commerce is to create product and service awareness online, allowing potential customers to research different offerings and then visit the local brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase. With the holiday season round the corner, O2O presents the biggest opportunity to connect with shoppers early on in the consumer journey and create personalized, frictionless experiences for them.

12:40 – 1:30

Lunch & Networking

Summit Ballroom
1:30 – 2:00

DMOs for DMOs: Defining Measurable Outcomes for Destination Marketers

Summit Ballroom

Travel advertisers continue to increase their investment in content marketing as it is an effective way to generate initial interest and subsequent visitation.  Nativo has witnessed this firsthand as travel is now the second largest spending vertical across their marketplace, only behind automotive.  Casey Wuestefeld, Nativo’s VP of Campaign Operations, will discuss the measurement tools available to support the connection between content engagement and business outcomes, including several recent case studies.

Connecting the Dots of Connected TV (and OTT): An Education and Breakdown Separating Fact from Fiction


Bring your note pad and get ready to learn what’s going on in this exponentially evolving space.  Yes, your potential customers are changing how they consume media, and they’re not going back.  Yes, there’s a lot of confusion in the industry for marketers just like you.  This session’s goal is to help you navigate, leverage, and connect with your new and evolving customers as their viewership habits change to include this exploding medium.

How to Be an Evolutionary Brand in the Age of Amazon 


The retail world is changing, and with it, brands must evolve to stay relevant and maintain growth. We show you tactics that Booyah uses to capitalize on new opportunities inside and outside the Amazon ecosystem including: how to use conventional paid media to drive success on Amazon, Amazon’s paid media offerings and use cases for each, and how you can harness it all to have a truly omni-channel strategy in the dawning age of Amazon.

2:10 – 2:40

Facebook: The Power of Instagram Stories

Summit Ballroom

Up, Up and Away with Pinterest 


Beyond seeking recipes and ab workouts, 200M+ monthly users come to Pinterest to dream, discover, and plan vacations and trips. What should travel marketers do to tap a population actively considering what to do or buy (or where to travel!) next? In this session, Lisa will share her top tips for creating organic and paid campaigns on the platform, highlighting the value of reaching travel consumers at the earliest stage in their path to purchase, where they are most open to pre-purchase inspiration and discovery.

Say Hello to Smart Shopping Campaigns


Increasing consumer expectations coupled with a complex consumer journey is making the retail industry more and more complex. And likewise, managing campaigns has grown more complicated and time intensive. With the complex user journey, the cost to manage campaigns and maximize performance is accelerating at an unsustainable rate. Smart Shopping campaigns go a long way in solving this problem for retailers by leveraging machine learning to drive simplicity, performance and reach.

2:50 – 3:20

Hyper-Mobile Targeting & Measuring Marketing Impact In-Destination

Summit Ballroom

Attribution only goes so far, and while digital marketing provides insight unavailable in traditional channels, evaluating digital’s full reach continues to challenge brands. Arrivalist discusses tools and methods for closing the loop and better quantifying digital’s impact on visitation.

Closing the Deal: Are you doing what’s needed to get consumers to buy?


Considerable money and resources are directed towards acquiring potential consumers. SEO and Pay Per Click are often used to accomplish this. Once consumers contact the company the deals often fail to materialize. This session focuses on having you take charge and close the deal. What can you do to make the consumer more likely to buy your product?

Conquesting at Scale: Leveraging Dynamic Ads to Acquire New Customers 


Get in front of potential consumers who are considering competitors’ products using dynamic ads for broad audiences.  This session will cover how to capture a new audience of in-market shoppers using behavioral cues and online activity to drive your sales and acquisition.

3:30 – 4:00

Panel: Growing Customer LTV & Building Brand Loyalty

Summit Ballroom

By the day consumers grow to expect more from the brands they invest in. They seek added value, authenticity, and a consistent company promise; when customers find a brand offering all three, they are loyal as ever. Marketers from leading brands in prestige beauty and skincare, children’s toys, hospitality, and outdoor gear e-commerce discuss their efforts to convert customers from one-time purchasers to long-term advocates.

Panel: Weathering the Impact of Drier Winters


Consistency is key.  This adage is true for more than mastering free throws or learning a new language: consistent winter conditions are crucial to strategic planning for brands that consider snow their company lifeblood.  In an era where each new winter may be drier than the last, adaptability and innovation are vital.  On this panel, snow enthusiasts from renowned ski and rafting companies share their methods for navigating the new status quo.  When life gives you slush, make slushies.

Pinterest: Bringing the Offline Shopping Experience Online


The digital shopping experience has become much more than just a transaction. Online shoppers must now consider the possibilities their purchases can play in their futures, beyond the click. In this new era of product discovery, retailers big and small must bridge offline discovery with online search, integrating their brands seamlessly into their consumers lives, on-screen and IRL. Lisa will walk her audience through how to leverage Pinterest insights to reach people who are actively considering what to do or buy next to generate demand and grow their businesses.

4:10 – 4:45

Google Closing Keynote: Age of Assistance in Travel & Retail

Summit Ballroom
4:45 – 4:55

Closing Remarks

Summit Ballroom
4:55 – 6:30

Cocktails & Networking

Summit Ballroom
4:55 – 6:30

Cocktails & Networking

Summit Ballroom


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