Headshot of Lynn Fowler

A true Denver native, Lynn Fowler is the VP of Search at Booyah and has been with the company nearly a decade. She earned a Bachelor’s in Mathematics with a minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder and worked in a variety of fields before joining Booyah in 2010. Through her diverse work experience, which includes everything from math-related positions to bartending, she developed an ability to communicate easily with people from all backgrounds and at different levels of experience. A mentor as much as a manager, Lynn has a natural curiosity and an ability to break down complex technical concepts into layman’s terms. She’s sometimes called “Professor Lynn” because of her exacting yet encouraging leadership style. “I constantly challenge strategists to prove long-standing best practices wrong. I like to encourage others to drive innovation, rather than adopt it.” She considers it her job as a leader to develop others into future leaders.

Lynn’s focus lies on constantly improving the quality of the agency’s Search program , including both paid and organic search. As VP of Search, Lynn owns the ongoing training and development of team members, establishes company processes that drive efficiency and scale, and participates in business development efforts. In her time at Booyah, she’s had the pleasure of partnering with renowned clients like Discover Card, Unilever, Dish Network, and Sports Authority, developing the kinds of partner relationships that bring satisfaction and pride to her work. But Lynn’s real claim-to-fame around the office is her Search expertise, and the exceptional work she’s done to evolve the company’s Search practice into what it is today. 

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